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Naima (Joris) © JASSEPOES



Naima Joris


Nathan Daems © JASSEPOES



Nathan Daems


Martin Küchen © JASSEPOES


Martin Küchen


Verneri Pohjola © JASSEPOES


Verneri Pohjola


Joachim Badenhorst © JASSEPOES


Joachim Badenhorst


Chris Joris © JASSEPOES


Chris Joris


Niels Van Heertum © JASSEPOES


Niels Van Heertum


Mark Guiliana © JASSEPOES


Mark Guiliana


Robbe Kieckens © JASSEPOES


Robbe Kieckens


Thomas Jillings © JASSEPOES


Thomas Jillings



Serge Lazarevitch © JASSEPOES


Serge Lazarevitch


Nico Schepers  © JASSEPOES


Nico Schepers


John Patitucci  © JASSEPOES


John Patitucci


Natashia Kelly © JASSEPOES


Natashia Kelly


Casey Benjamin © JASSEPOES


Casey Benjamin


Denise King © JASSEPOES


Denise King


Doghouse Rose © JASSEPOES


Doghouse Rose


Becca Stevens © JASSEPOES


Becca Stevens



Willem Heylen © JASSEPOES


Willem Heylen


(George I)Van Morrison © JASSEPOES


(George I)Van Morrison


Antoine Pierre © JASSEPOES


Antoine Pierre


Wayne Shorter © JASSEPOES


Wayne Shorter



Alfred McCoy Tyner © JASSEPOES


Alfred McCoy Tyner


Michel Massot © JASSEPOES


Michel Massot


Herbie Hancock © JASSEPOES


Herbie Hancock


Itamar Borochov © JASSEPOES


Itamar Borochov


Ibrahim Maalouf (+ Frank Woeste (piano), Scott Colley (contrabas), Mark Turner (saxofoon), Clarence Penn (drums)© JASSEPOES


Ibrahim Maalouf  + (Frank Woeste (piano), Scott Colley (contrabas), Mark Turner (saxofoon), Clarence Penn (drums)



Brandon Coleman © JASSEPOES


Brandon Coleman


Andres Liefsoens (&Frederik Madou) © JASSEPOES


Andres Liefsoens ( & Frederik Madou)


Gilbert Isbin © JASSEPOES


Gilbert Isbin


Chris Joris © JASSEPOES



Chris Joris


Maria Mendes © JASSEPOES


Maria Mendes



Bram De Looze © JASSEPOES


Bram De Looze

Peter Jacquemyn 'Fundament' © JASSEPOES

Peter Jacquemyn 'Fundament' 


Nathan Wouters © JASSEPOES


Nathan Wouters


Kristien Hemmerechts  © JASSEPOES


Kristien Hemmerechts


Eric Thielemans © JASSEPOES


Eric Thielemans



Fred Van Hove © JASSEPOES


Fred Van Hove


Rafael Mertens-Artur Medvedev © JASSEPOES


Rafael Mertens-Artur Medvedev


Jan Van Moer © JASSEPOES


Jan Van Moer




Alex Koo


Dre Pallemaerts © JASSEPOES


Dre Pallemaerts


Jeroen Van Herzeele © JASSEPOES


Jeroen Van Herzeele


Sal La Rocca © JASSEPOES


Sal La Rocca


Bram Weijters © JASSEPOES


Bram Weijters



Iman Spaargaren © JASSEPOES


Iman Spaargaren


Kristen Cornwell  © JASSEPOES


Kristen Cornwell



Dave Douglas © JASSEPOES


Dave Douglas


Joachim Kühn © JASSEPOES


Joachim Kühn


Patrick Deltenre © JASSEPOES


Patrick Deltenre


Naïma (Joris) © JASSEPOES


Naïma (Joris)


Lara Rosseel  © JASSEPOES


Lara Rosseel








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